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Add-On Facial Modalities 

To help you choose which modalities are best for you and YOUR skin, we have provided a very informative guide below that we hope better helps you understand the end result and goal of each modality.  These are available as Add-ons for our facial treatments, to help you feel and look better!

Radio Frequency

**$5.00 Add-On

This modality uses heat to stimulate blood flow, which then nourishes the skin and helps to produce more collagen and elastin. Not suitable for clients with electrical implants or someone with red skin. **This is not a stand alone treatment**


**$5.00 Add-On

This modality helps to lift and tone the muscles of the face. This can be compared to exercise for the face. This allows the muscles to lift back up into place. Show gravity who's the boss! **This not a stand alone treatment**


**$5.00 Add-On

Microderm uses a suction tool to exfoliate & remove the dead skin cells. This helps to smooth out any texture and allows products to penetrate better into the skin.


**$10.00 Add-On

This add on helps to exfoliate the skin while removing vellus (peach fuzz) hair from the face. Our primary focus is exfoliation, but we do try to remove most of the facial hair as well. **This is not a stand alone treatment**

Nano Infusion

**$10.00 Add-On

Nano Infusion pentrates products up to 80% farther into the skin. We customize your serum with your skin concerns, allowing you to get the best benefits from your treatment. **This is not a stand alone treatment**


**$10.00 Add-On

We use different lights to combat skin concerns. Red Light helps with aging skin by inducing collagen production & stimulating blood flow. Blue light helps to kill bacteria in the skin helping to fight acne. Green/Yellow Light helps to remove toxins, helping with sluiggish skin and calming down inflammation. This service adds on 30 minutes to your treatment. **This is not a stand alone treatment**

Chemical Peel

**$10.00 Add-On

Different Levels of chemical peels can acheive brightening, toning, few breakout, etc. **A skin treatment and consultation must be done before you can receive a chemical peel**

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